MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Holcim

MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Holcim
MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Holcim

Project Overview

Sopogy’s MicroCSP technology will be used to drive a 75 ton single-effect chiller and provide a renewable source of cooling for the new Hermosillo cement plant, which was inaugurated on March 10, 2011.

As the first solar powered air-conditioning system in Latin America, installation of the MicroCSP parabolic troughs have been assembled and mounted on the roof and ground in front of the cement production facility.

Currently Holcim Apasco’s seventh plant in the country, the Hermosillo cement plant applies the highest sustainable construction criteria of the Holcim Foundation - meeting the strictest national and international standards.

Environmental Impact

The 75 ton output of the MicroCSP solar cooling system at Holcim will reduce CO2 emissions by 3,450 metric tons of over the lifetime of the product. For perspective, the system’s impact is equivalent to:

•    Eliminating 8,010 barrels of oil consumed
•    Removing 690 cars off the road
•    Reducing 548,790 gallons of propane

Download Holcim Project Reference Sheet

  • Application
    • 75 ton single-effect solar air conditioning
  • Location
    • Hermosillo, Mexico
  • Project Completion
    • Construction in progress
  • Thermal Capacity
    • 291 kW
  • Footprint
    • 16,320 sq. ft. / 1,536m²
  • Products
    • 160 SopoNova® parabolic trough collectors
    • SopoTracker™ Field Controls
  • Heat Transfer Fluid
    • Water
  • Annual Production
    • 2,502 MMBTU
    • 151,110 ton-hr of cooling
  • Temperature Range
    • Inlet - 166 ˚F / 74˚ C
    • Outlet - 203 ˚F / 95˚ C