MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Fort Bliss

MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Fort Bliss
MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Fort Bliss

Project Overview

The Fort Bliss solar cooling project, located in El Paso, Texas, provides reliable solar-driven air conditioning to the Fort Bliss military dining facility and assists the Department of Defense to meet its energy security goals, reduce its greenhouse gas footprint, and decrease grid electricity consumption.

The initiative was implemented by Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and industrial leader, as part of the Fort Bliss Energy Program’s goal to demonstrate national leadership in energy to ultimately produce all energy consumed through renewable energy by 2025. The installation was carried out and maintained by SunQuest Energy, an energy efficiency and sustainability solutions enterprise.

The solar-driven air conditioning system includes Sopogy’s MicroCSP parabolic trough collectors linked to a single-effect absorption chiller to provide a renewable source of cooling.

Environmental Impact

The 40 ton output of the MicroCSP solar cooling system at Fort Bliss will reduce CO2 emissions by 2,580 metric tons of over the lifetime of the product. For perspective, the system’s impact is equivalent to:

•    Eliminating 6,000 barrels of oil consumed
•    Removing  510 cars off the road
•    Reducing 15,300 gallons of propane

Download Fort Bliss Project Reference Sheet

  • Application
    • 40 ton single-effect solar air conditioning
  • Location
    • El Paso, Texas, USA
  • Project Completion
    • May 2011
  • Thermal Capacity
    • 219kW
  • Footprint
    • 8,568 sq. ft. / 796 m²
  • Products
    • 84 SopoNova® parabolic trough collectors
    • SopoTracker™ Field Controls
  • Heat Transfer Fluid
    • Water
  • Annual Production
    • 1,378 MMBTU
    • 80,592 ton-hr of cooling
  • Temperature Range
    • Inlet - 190 ˚F / 87 ˚C
    • Outlet - 210˚F / 98 ˚C