MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Sempra

MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Sempra
MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Sempra

Project Overview

In September 2009, Sopogy’s proprietary MicroCSP solar collectors were installed on the rooftop of The Gas Company’s Energy Resource Center (ERC) in Downey, California, to provide solar thermally-driven air conditioning. As the first rooftop integration project combining MicroCSP parabolic trough technology with an absorption chiller, the system produces 10 tons of cooling, or enough air-conditioning to cool three average-sized homes.

The solar AC program is sponsored by Southern California Gas Company (The Gas Company), a subsidiary of Sempra Energy,  and aims to showcase and accelerate the commercialization of the new technologies in California. Overall efforts will provide customers with energy solutions that will reduce costs, increase efficiencies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Impact

The 10 ton output of the MicroCSP solar cooling system at Sempra will reduce CO2 emissions by 276 metric tons over the lifetime of the product. For perspective, the system’s impact is equivalent to:

•    Eliminating 645 barrels of oil consumed
•    Removing 54 cars off the road
•    Reducing 44,100 gallons of propane

Download Sempra Project Reference Sheet

  • Application
    • 10 ton solar air conditioning
  • Location
    • Downey, California, USA
  • Project Completion
    • September 2009
  • Thermal Capacity
    • 24kW
  • Footprint
    • 918 sq. ft. / 85 m²
  • Products
    • 9 SopoNova® parabolic trough collectors
    • SopoTracker™ Field Controls
  • Heat Transfer Fluid
    • Water
  • Annual Production
    • 105 MMBTU
    • 20,148 ton-hr of cooling
  • Temperature Range
    • Inlet - 185 ˚F / 85 ˚C
    • Outlet - 190 ˚F / 88 ˚C