MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Masdar

MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Masdar
MicroCSP Solar Cooling at Masdar

Project Overview

Masdar City is a low-carbon greentech cluster located on the outskirts of the UAE capital Abu Dhabi. This special economic zone seeks to become a global center for innovation, research, product development and light manufacturing in renewable energy and sustainable technologies.

Sopogy's proprietary solar thermal solution has been designed to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness and smaller collector footprint of high-temperature solar thermal cooling compared to a conventional electric chiller plant powered by solar-generated electricity. The successful outcome of the project will enable solar thermal air conditioning to be a major source of cooling for other buildings within Masdar City.

Environmental Impact

The 50 ton output of the MicroCSP solar cooling system at Masdar City willreduce CO² emissions by 1,830 metric tons over the lifetime of the product. For perspective, the system's impact is equivalent to:

•    Eliminating 4,290 barrels of oil consumed
•    Removing 360 cars off the road
•    Reducing 1,350 tons of coal

Download Masdar Project Reference Sheet

  • Application
    • 50 ton double-effect solar air conditioning
  • Location
    • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Project Completion
    • July 2011
  • Thermal Capacity
    • 130kW
  • Footprint
    • 6,120 sq. ft. / 569m²
  • Products
    • 60 SopoNova® parabolic trough collectors
    • SopoTracker™ Field Controls
  • Heat Transfer Fluid
    • Oil
  • Annual Production
    • 785 MMBTU
    • 100,740 ton-hr of cooling
  • Temperature Range
    • Inlet - 340 ˚F / 171 ˚C
    • Outlet - 380 ˚F / 133 ˚C