MicroCSP Power Generation at Holaniku

MicroCSP Power Generation at Holaniku
MicroCSP Power Generation at Holaniku

Project Overview

Located at the Natural Energy Laboratories of Hawaii, Holaniku at Keahole Point is the world's first Concentrating Solar Power project using MicroCSP technologies. Holaniku also incorporates thermal energy storage which solves the volatility challenges typical to renewable energy technologies, such as wind and photovoltaic systems.

The project was developed by Keahole Solar Power LLC, Hawaii's premier solar project development firm, and is powered by Sopogy's proprietary MicroCSP technology. Data acquisition and the installation of prototypes for the project began in 2002 and the full scale solar project was conceived in 2006 under the hot Kona sun.

The vision behind Holaniku is not only to provide Hawaii with solar generated energy through an efficient and cost-effective solution, but also to help Hawaii achieve energy self-sufficiency and to create local technology jobs.

Environmental Impact

The 2MW thermal capacity output of the MicroCSP system at Holaniku will reduce CO2 emissions by 31,020 metric tons over the lifetime of the product. For perspective, the system’s impact is equivalent to:

•    Eliminating 72,150 barrels of oil consumed
•    Removing 6,090 cars off the road
•    Providing electricity for 3,868 single-family homes

Download Holaniku Project Reference Sheet

  • Application
    • Power Generation
    • Desalination
  • Location
    • Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA
  • Project Completion
    • December 2009
  • Thermal Capacity
    • 2MW
  • Footprint
    • 3.8 acres / 1.53780 hectares
  • Products
    • 1,008 SopoNova® parabolic trough collectors
    • SopoTracker™ Field Controls
    • Thermal energy storage
  • Heat Transfer Fluid
    • Xceltherm-600
  • Annual Production
    • 10,685 MMBTU
    • 4,029,600 kWh of electricity
  • Temperature Range
    • Inlet - 200 ˚F / 93 ˚C
    • Outlet - 350 ˚F / 176 ˚C