Project Finance

SopoFinance: Solar Process Heat, Solar Steam, Solar Hot Water & Solar Air Conditioning

Sopogy’s SopoFinance program consists of a Sopo Thermal Purchase Agreement (STPA) or Sopo Thermal Lease (STL), available in varying durations. These financing options provide renewable Solar Process Heat, Solar Steam, Solar Hot Water, and Solar Air Conditioning at predictable, low rates.

Sopo Thermal Purchase Agreement (STPA)

What is an STPA?

With a Sopo Thermal Purchase Agreement (STPA) the customer pays only for the energy generated by the system. The customer does not pay for the system or installation costs of the project.

Under a STPA, energy is sold directly to end use customers at a pre-negotiated price. This ownership structure was developed to provide customers with the benefit of predicable long-term energy without upfront financial requirements such as purchasing a system and without ongoing operational responsibilities.

Some customers prefer that all design, financing, installation, maintenance and support for the solar thermal system is handled by Sopogy and its preferred partners.

•    Design: Sopogy optimizes customer’s facility and operational needs
•    Construction: Eliminates the need to make capital investments or manage permitting and contractors
•    Operations & Maintenance: Provides all necessary maintenance, upgrades, repairs and insurance
•    Metering and Billing: Monitors solar output and bills monthly for the energy produced
•    Renewable Energy Credits (REC): Manages the distribution of REC’s as agreed upon with the end use customer and financier

Sopogy’s STPA provides customers a simple and affordable solar thermal system that saves customers money on day one and eliminates both upfront and long term maintenance costs.

Sopo Thermal Lease (STL)

What is a Sopo Thermal Lease?

With a Sopo Thermal (STL) Lease, the customer does not pay for the installation costs of the project. The lease is available for variable durations and the payments are fixed.

Sopogy offers a variety of leasing options and durations through our select finance partners. Sopogy solar leases can be completed without upfront investment and have positive cash flows from day one. An additional benefit of Sopogy’s solar lease program is customers owning the system at the end of the lease term, with early buyout options often available. Sopogy’s solar thermal systems are a strategic investment opportunity, providing energy cost savings from day one.

Go Sopogy Solar Thermal

Sopogy’s Solar thermal systems provide environmentally sustainable and affordable long term commercial energy solutions for Solar Process Heat, Solar Steam, Solar Hot Water, and Solar Air Conditioning. With customized Sopogy financing solutions like a STPA or STL combined with a range of applicable solar incentives, including a Federal investment tax credit (ITC) that pays for 30 percent of a system’s cost and significant state and local solar thermal rebates now is the time to go solar with Sopogy.

•    If you are interested in taking advantage of our SopoFinance program for a Sopo Thermal Purchase Agreement or Lease arrangement, please contact