Sopogy is a Certified Energy Star Partner

Energy Star
ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

Because a strategic approach to energy management can produce twice the savings — for the bottom line and the environment — as typical approaches, EPA’s ENERGY STAR partnership offers a proven energy management strategy that helps in measuring current energy performance, setting goals, tracking savings, and rewarding improvements.

Sopogy is a Member of the US Green Building Council

US Green Building
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.  LEED is a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

Sopogy is a Member of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association

The Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) is a voluntary national trade association representing the major segments of the industrial heat processing equipment industry. Established in 1929 to meet the need for effective group action in promoting the interests of industrial furnace manufacturers, the organization has expanded and currently includes designers and manufacturers of all types of industrial heat processing equipment used for the melting, refining and heat processing of ferrous and nonferrous metals and certain nonmetallic materials and heat-treatment of products made from them.


Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
SEIA is the leading national trade association for the solar energy industry. It works to expand markets, strengthen research and development, remove market barriers and improve education and outreach for solar energy professionals. Primary activities are to effectuate federal policy that reduces barriers and improves market conditions for the U.S. solar energy market. SEIA oversees policy-driven research and develops education outreach programs to promote positive policy and further deployment of solar energy in the U.S. SEIA also manages a Political Action Committee (PAC) for political fundraising and coordinates with several state and regional chapters and other groups including the American Solar Energy Society, Solar Alliance, Solar Electric PoITr Association, Solar Nation and Vote Solar along with numerous renewable energy, business and environmental groups.

American Solar Energy Society (ASES)

American Solar Energy Society
The American Solar Energy Society (ASES), is a nonprofit that's been leading the renewable energy revolution for more than 50 years. ASES is dedicated to increasing the use of solar energy, energy efficiency, and other sustainable technologies in the U.S. Supported by members all across America. ASES leads national efforts to promote solar energy education, public outreach, and advocacy. ASES shows Americans how they can use solar energy to save on monthly utility bills and tackle climate change while boosting the economy and generating green-collar jobs.

Hawaii Renewable Energy Alliance
HREA provides information to help you make informed decisions and design strategies to become a part of the Hawaii's clean energy future. Click here to learn more about who we are and what we do. Read about our achievements in legislative & regulatory matters and JOIN NOW to become part of a core group of companies that seek to usher in more renewables and green Hawaii’s economy.

Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture
The mission of Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture (HREDV) is to accelerate the development of viable renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in Hawaii and to help businesses successfully commercialize these innovations.

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii is Hawaii’s premier authority on business in the Islands. The Chamber works on behalf of members and the entire business community to improve the state’s economic climate and help businesses thrive. The Chamber offers  business networking opportunities, provides training and business building opportunities, lobbies government and advocates on behalf of business interests, and functions as the voice of business throughout the state. Today the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii is an organization representing the interest of all Hawaii’s business community. With over 1,100 member companies representing over 200,000 employees, the Chamber is the largest organization to serve as “The Voice of Business” in Hawaii.

Hawaii Science and Tech Council

Hawaii Science and Tech Council
The Hawaii Science & Technology Council, HISciTech, is an industry association representing member companies across Hawaii. HISciTech is committed to advancing the development of Energy and the Environment among others. The HISciTech’s mission is the acceleration of Hawaii's science and technology economy through the provision of services to industry including advocacy, enterprise support, the enhancement of research collaboration, group purchasing and sector research. Members include those engaged in or supportive of research, development and commercialization of science and technology in Hawaii.



HiBEAM’s mission is to help launch and build promising early stage Hawaii companies by providing expert professional advice and access to funding sources.  Our vision is to help develop in Hawaii an entrepreneurial culture that encourages risk-taking, enables local technology companies to compete successfully in global markets, attracts capital, strengthens and diversifies the economy, and creates well-paying jobs.



Entrepreneur Foundation of Hawaii
The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawai`i (EF Hawai`i), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, makes it easy for entrepreneurial companies to give back to the community:  EF Hawai`i accepts donations of company equity. When there is a liquidity event, the equity is sold and EF Hawai`i places a portion of the proceeds in a corporate charitable fund.  EF Hawai`i helps companies establish a community service program for their employees. EF Hawai`i companies benefit from the loyalty, teamwork, recruiting edge, and visibility created by involvement in community service programs. The community benefits from the volunteer time and money contributed by EF Hawai`i companies and their employees.


Enterprise Honolulu

Enterprise Honolulu
Enterprise Honolulu (EH), the O'ahu Economic Development Board, is a non-profit, funded primarily by the private sector. The organization's efforts support a diversified economy on O'ahu by being a leading agent in the growth, retention and recruitment of businesses that offer quality jobs in Hawai'i. EH is also actively involved in infrastructure, planning and workforce development to build the foundation for a globally competitive, prosperous economy.


Blue Planet Foundation

Blue Planet Foundation
Blue Planet Foundation's mission is to end the use of fossil fuels on Earth, starting in Hawaii. We believe Hawaii has everything it takes—the resources, the will, the energy, and the people—to become a global model for energy self-sufficiency within a decade. By advancing bold policies, rethinking how we use energy, and promoting smart energy solutions across our islands, Blue Planet Foundation is fostering Hawaii's clean energy future, one community at a time.