Sopogy is APEC Technology Showcase Winner

November 5, 2011

The APEC Technology Showcase winner for the City and County of Honolulu is Sopogy.

Sopogy revolutionized solar thermal technology with MicroCSP. Developing modular collectors about one-third the size of a traditional concentrated solar power mirror, Sopogy cut the cost of solar thermal energy to a fraction of the cost. Proprietary storage units stabilize volatile energy production when cloudy and prolong production after sunset. Sopogy’s thermal energy is the fuel for stable, renewable power generation, air conditioning, and process heat.

This video will be played during APEC Leaders’ Week on the special in-room TV station, created for the Hawaii Host Committee by 1013 integrated, a Pacific Focus Inc. company. LWTV will be seen in the 30 APEC host hotels on O’ahu on the hotel television network of Visitor Video Inc. in conjunction with Convention Television.

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