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Sopogy MicroCSP technology demonstration at San Jose Green Vision Clean Energy Showcase

April 5, 2011

Sopogy, Inc ., a leading developer of reliable and cost-effective micro concentrated solar power (MicroCSP) technologies, partnered with the City of San Jose and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at the San Jose Green Vision Clean Energy Showcase – a knowledge hub for clean energy education and awareness. An installation of Sopogy’s SopoLite , a portable version of its proprietary parabolic trough collector, will be available through December 2011 to provide education, experience and information on MicroCSP technology.

Designed, engineered and proven in the US, Sopogy’s MicroCSP products address both power and thermal applications, including power generation, process heating and air conditioning. The MicroCSP solution consists of parallel rows of parabolic mirror collectors, optics and an integrated tracker to concentrate the sun’s energy on a centrally-located receiver tube and re-circulate heat transfer fluid within the system. The generated high-temperature heat is used in conjunction with a power block engine to provide a renewable source of power. The MicroCSP system is capable of producing power on-site at customers’ location for both roof and ground mounted installations. In addition, the system has been designed for fast installation and high efficiency through low-cost thermal storage solution to greatly increase value to customers.

“We are excited to take part in educating the community about the benefits of solar energy and MicroCSP technology,” says Darren T. Kimura, President & CEO of Sopogy. “By increasing awareness of solar technologies, the community can make informed decisions about clean energy options, as well as further its participation in San Jose`s Green Vision.”

The city of San Jose and the U.S. DOE introduced the showcase project to educate and allow community participation in the city’s green energy and green tech job goals. The new, interactive innovation center provides the public firsthand experience with installations of cutting-edge clean energy technologies. The showcase will advance key goals of San Jose`s Green Vision as it looks to educate consumers about clean energy solutions, as well as provide vital training and education for San Jose`s students.

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