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State of Hawaii approves $10 million dollars for Sopogy Solar Farm Bonds

June 29, 2007
Sopogy Press Release

Date: June 29, 2007

Subject: State of Hawaii approves $10 million dollars for Sopogy solar farm bonds

Contact: Darren T. Kimura, President and CEO

Tel: (808) 216-3478

email: dkimura@sopogy.org

State of Hawaii approves $10 million dollars for Sopogy Solar Farm Bonds

Honolulu, HI – Sopogy, Inc. announced today it received Governor Linda Lingle’s approval for the issuance of special purpose revenue bonds. Act 229 authorizes the issuance of $10,000,000 in special purpose revenue bonds to Sopogy Inc., to assist with planning, designing, constructing, equipping and operating a solar farm power plant at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority or another suitable site in Hawaii.

“This is an important step in supporting renewable energy and helps break Hawaii’s bonds to imported fossil fuels. We commend the leadership and vision of Vice Chairman Jon Riki Karamatsu who authored the bill, the 2007 Hawaii State Legislature, and Governor Linda Lingle” said Darren T. Kimura, President and CEO of Sopogy Inc.

NELHA (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii) is an important location for this project as it has some of the highest solar energy of any coastal location in the USA. With new technology companies seeking its unique deep ocean water comes new electric power needs. “Sopogy’s clean power solutions will help NELHA continue to grow, while achieving the energy park’s mission and focus on natural energy. We are excited to lead the next generation of renewable energy research at the park and look forward to working with Hawaiian Electric in making this clean solar power project a reality” added Kimura.

About Sopogy, Inc.

Sopogy, Inc. (www.sopogy.org) is dedicated to enabling the renewable energy economy by dramatically increasing energy production through widespread use of its Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies. Sopogy offers a cost-effective method for producing process heat used to create electricity, air conditioning, steam and hot water.


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For additional information about Sopogy, Inc., please contact Darren Kimura, President & CEO at (808) 216-3478 .

Jim Maskrey in Pacific Business News

June 22, 2007

Jim Maskrey

Pacific Business News (Honolulu) – June 22, 2007

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Jim Maskrey has joined Sopogy Inc. as vice president of sales and business development. He will be responsible for bringing to market Sopogy’s solar technology, invented in Hawaii in 2002 by the think-tank Energy Industries.

Prior to that, he spent 10 years as the manager of Hawaiian Electric Co.’s demand-side management program, which handles rebate incentives for businesses and commercial facilities that implement energy efficiency.

Maskrey, 51, was born in Torrance, Calif. He has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from the University of California-Santa Barbara, a master’s degree in environmental planning from the College of Architecture at Arizona State University and an MBA from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Why I took this job: I have worked in energy efficiency my entire working career and the opportunity to be part of a leadership team to develop this renewable energy company was an exciting challenge that met long-term career ambitions.

Like most about the job: I love the diversity of responsibilities inherent in a startup company. But what is exceptionally rewarding is the excitement and support I am hearing from the customers with whom we are developing projects. People and companies are now eager to respond to the challenge of climate change. It is a refreshing change.

Immediate priority: Getting projects commissioned here in Hawaii to demonstrate the huge potential of concentrated solar power technology.

Strategy to overcome the challenge: Stay innovative and flexible, and effectively communicate the value proposition to customers. Get the customers to want to do business with you.

Biggest problem in my industry: The high “perceived” cost of the systems. Government support for renewables should be accelerated even beyond what has been seen in the past two years. Without getting political, I will say the continued “debate” over peak oil and the growth in construction of coal-fired generating plants reflects that we are still not properly valuing renewable energy. Higher first costs of renewable energy systems should not be the deterrent to their installation when the consequences of fossil-fuel dependence are so extraordinarily longer term.

Essential business philosophy: Let honesty, credibility and integrity guide all decisions and actions.

Biggest risk taken in my career: Leaving a successful engineering firm that I was poised to take over to pursue other professional opportunities in energy efficiency.

Most important lesson learned: Do your work for the passion, not for the money.

Most important mentor: Craig Perkins, director of public works for the City of Santa Monica, under whom I served before relocating to Hawaii. For the past two decades Craig has demonstrated visionary leadership by making the city a globally recognized leader in sustainability for its progressive programs in energy, water, wastewater and solid waste.

Favorite way to spend free time: Spending time with my wife and son in just about any setting.

Book by my bedside: “Triple Bottom Line: How Today’s Best-Run Companies Are Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Success” by Andrew W. Savitz and Karl Weber.

Meredith Prock – Visit original story at Pacific Business News

Sopogy in GreenTech

June 18, 2007

San Francisco-based GreenVolts, a company pursuing a new solar concentration approach for utility grade power, today announced it has been chosen by Pacific Northwest utility Avista for a demonstration project—and has received a strategic investment from the company.

This summer, GreenVolts is to place its high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) system with Avista at a test site. The project will record performance data over two years to validate long-term system performance and costs.

GreenVolts believes its photovoltaic collector will deliver energy at a cost competitive with peak natural gas alternatives when coupled with a tracking mechanism.

“We believe the future is one in which consumers will gain access to green energy by plugging into the grid instead of going off of it,” said Bob Cart, CEO and founder of GreenVolts. “In order for this to become a reality, utilities must have access to a price competitive solar energy source that can also be located close to the demand.”

The company calls its 3kW platform a CarouSol. It uses low cost mirrors to concentrate 625 suns of energy onto a small, 40 percent-efficient solar cell, confirmed to Inside Greentech as a Spectrolab cell at a recent industry event.

It is mounted on a two axis tracking mechanism, and features automated storm stowing, automated cleaning and passive cooling in distributed generation configurations of 1-20 MW.
The system appears to offer similar features to a solar thermal-based (not photovoltaic) utility-grade system being developed by Hawaii-based Sopogy, which also offers parabolic concentration and storm stowing for desert-based applications.

In addition to the Avista investment of an unreported amount, GreenVolts has raised more than $1.5 million in seed money and expects to seek a venture round of funding later this year. It was the winner of the California Cleantech Open business plan competition’s Renewables Power Prize last year.

Avista Utilities provides service to 346,000 electric and 306,000 natural gas customers in three western U.S. states.

Visit the article here: GreenTech

Dr. Sri Vemuri Joins Sopogy as Lead Applications Engineer

June 6, 2007

 June 06, 2007 – Subject: Dr. Srinivas Vemuri joins Sopogy as Lead Applications Engineer

Srinivas Vemuri, Ph.D. Joins Sopogy as Lead Applications Engineer

Sopogy, Inc. announced today that Dr. Srinivas Vemuri has joined the company as its Lead Applications Engineer. Dr. Vemuri has more than 10 years of experience in the engineering and researching field. Prior to joining Sopogy he was a Mechanical Engineering at Notkin Hawaii Inc.

He holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the Bangalore University (India) with 1st class honors, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Orleans, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineer from University of Nevada (Reno).

For additional information about Sopogy, Inc.,
please contact Darren Kimura,
President & CEO at               (808) 216-3478     


Contact: Darren T. Kimura, President and CEO
Tel:               (808) 216-3478       
Email: dkimura ( @ ) sopogy dot com