Sopogy: Solar Power Technology

Sopogy has pioneered the technology bringing the proven concepts of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) to the distributed generation market. This is called MicroCSP and reduces the cost and increases the effectiveness of concentrated solar power collectors. MicroCSP is a revolution in solar potential and Sopogy is working to bring our products to the market in a dramatically new way.

We specialize in the development, design, manufacturing and distribution of our technology called the Sopogy Energy System.

Our solar collectors are used to generate electricity, create air conditioning, agricultural drying and for industrial steam. This makes the Sopogy Energy System the most robust solar technology on the market today.

Our solar technologies are:

  • The lowest first cost solar product on the market helping more customers achieve energy independence.
  • Extremely durable and robust.
  • Deployable in large scale by existing installation partners.



The leader in MicroCSP™

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) has been reliably used in the US for over 30 years. These systems have been engineered for desert locations covering hundreds of acres and producing power at grid parity costs. Sopogy's technology shrinks desert CSP bringing the cost effective and reliable renewable energy opportunity to your commercial, industrial or on-site power application.

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