Sopogy News

By - John Rei, Chief Operating Officer

Sopogy, Inc. has entered the Hawaii solar energy market with a new twist on solar power, offering a product based around solar thermal, or concentrated solar power (CSP), technology. Sopogy, which stands for Solar Power Technology, aims to bring renewable solar energy technologies to Hawaii and its people for energy stability, the betterment of clean air, and independence from volatile imported fossil fuel prices. The company is the brainchild of CEO and President Darren T. Kimura, a local entrepreneur born and raised on the Big Island that has been involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for over 15 years. He built Energy Industries, a business focused on energy efficiency that has grown beyond Hawaii to become an international business with offices in the mainland and throughout the Asia Pacific. The idea for Sopogy came from Energy Industries Labs, his clean energy technology incubator.

CSP is a mature technology that offers greater efficiencies and lower costs than traditional solar photovoltaic, or PV. CSP also has a proven track record, having provided large scale electricity generation in California for the past 22 years. While normally employed in dry, hot climates like the deserts in the southwestern U.S., Sopogy has modified the technology to work in wet and sunny tropical climates like Hawaii to provide solar generated electricity or air conditioning.

Sopogy plans to begin construction on a 10 MW solar farm at the National Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) on the Big Island later this year, and will also employ their products to meet the electricity and air conditioning needs of commercial and industrial clients as well. Given the more favorable economics of CSP systems when compared to solar PV, along with the current state and federal incentives for such renewable energy projects, Sopogy sees a great opportunity to implement this clean, renewable energy technology throughout the state.

Sopogy firmly believes that CSP can and should be an important part of Hawaii’s renewable energy portfolio to reduce the state’s dependence on foreign oil and to provide clean, environmentally friendly power throughout the state.

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