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Solar Power International

Monday, 9.10.12 - 9.12.12 | 550 Paiea Street, Suite 236

Solar Paces

Tuesday, 9.11.12 - 9.14.12 | 550 Paiea Street, Suite 236

MicroCSP Technology

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Desalination Pilot Project Harnesses Solar Power

UH hopes technology adapted from work at the school will fuel licensing revenue.

Jun 26, 2012 Comment

Palm Springs Air Museum to adopt cutting-edge A/C

Sopogy MicroCSP, uses solar thermal troughs to collect and intensify heat from the sun to heat liquid, which will then be used to cool the 22,000-square-foot hangar where the planes are displayed.

Jun 08, 2012 Comment

Our Solar Applications

  • Power Generation

    MicroCSP-based distributed energy solutions from 5MW up to and beyond 20MW.