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PBN: APEC Host Committee names Showcase finalists

August 15, 2011

Pacific Business News – by Linda Chiem , Pacific Business News

Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2011, 2:19pm HST

Thirty-five Hawaii businesses have made the final cut for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2011 Hawaii Business Innovation Showcase — a business recognition program the Hawaii Host Committee launched to promote local businesses during the APEC Leaders’ Week meetings Honolulu will host in November.

Most of the businesses are at the forefront of Hawaii’s burgeoning technology and renewable energy sectors, which falls right in line with the U.S. goal of promoting “green growth” at the APEC meetings.

In May, the APEC Hawaii Host Committee, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and the four counties, established the showcase to provide what it described as an unprecedented opportunity for businesses registered in the state to showcase innovation in products and services to an international audience during the APEC 2011 Leaders’ Week, which takes place Nov. 7-13.

Of the 35 finalists, one winner from each county and one overall statewide winner will be selected Sept. 6.

The winners will get top billing and exposure at key venues and events during APEC Leaders’ Week — an enviable prize for any local business since so much of Hawaii’s success from hosting APEC rides on the exposure and publicity it generates for the entire state. For more information, click here.

Here’s the list of finalists, by island:

On Oahu:

• Avatar Reality Inc.;

• Cardax Pharmaceuticals Inc.;

• Clear Fuels Technology;

• Hawaiian Electric Co. Inc.;

• Hoana Medical Inc.;

• Hoku Corp.;

• Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning LLC;

• Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.;

• Nanopoint Inc.;

• Navatek Ltd.;

• Oceanit;

• Onipaa Kakou LLC;

• Outrigger Hotels Hawaii;

• Referentia Systems Inc.;

• See/Rescue Corp.;

• Skai Ventures;

• Sopogy;

• Sunetric;

• The Queen’s Medical Center;

• Tissue Genesis;

On the Big Island:

• Big Island Abalone Corp.;

• Big Island Carbon LLC;

• Hawaii Oceanic Technology Inc.;

• Hawaii Preparatory Academy;

• Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii;

•Pacific Regional Disaster Preparedness Center;

• Hilo Disaster Preparedness Training Center;

On Maui:

• Functional Nutriments LLC;

• Grower’s Secret Inc.;

• H Nu Energy;

• Noni Biotech;

• Pacific Biodiesel Inc.;

• Westec Environmental Solutions.

On Kauai:

• Aqua Engineers Inc.;

• Malie Inc.;

• TREX Enterprises Corp.


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