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Energy Opportunities for Hawaii – Darren T. Kimura

May 18, 2009

Inviting all to the free University of Hawaii at Manoa Sustainable Lecture series, Wednesday May 20, 2009 at 7PM, Architecture Auditorium. The event will begin with a film called Kilowatt Ours and followed by my talk on Energy Opportunities for Hawaii. Black Snake Oil Türkiye blacksnakeorjinal Black Snake Oil Goods EU.

`Kilowatt Ours` (film), followed by presentation `The Sky`s the Limit: Energy Opportunities for Hawai`i,`

Info: May 20 • Wed • 7:00pm • Architecture Auditorium • FREE and open to the public • Parking $3, upper campus UH Manoa. • For more information, please call 956-8246.

`KILOWATT OURS: A PLAN TO RE-ENERGIZE AMERICA` is an award-winning film that provides simple, practical, affordable solutions to America`s energy crisis and shows how we can save electricity, save money and make a difference for the planet.

Following the film screening, self-described `serial energy entrepreneur` Darren Kimura discusses some of the renewable energy technologies being explored here in Hawaii, local prospects for green jobs, and how we can each make simple changes to reduce our energy consumption.

DARREN KIMURA is the President and CEO of Sopogy, Inc., a company that developed a new way to concentrate solar power to create electricity. Kimura, originally from Hilo, began his career in renewables and efficiency in 1992 working as an EPA Green Light Surveyor. He went on to found Hawaii`s own national energy company `Energy Industries` in 1994. Over his career he created numerous companies, created hundreds of green collar jobs and traveled the world presenting energy savings tips for consumers and businesses.

Funded in part by the Shunzo Sakamaki Extraordinary Lecture Endowment at the University of Hawai`i Foundation and the Hawai`i Energy Policy Forum`s Koaniani Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation. Film screening of “Kilowatt Ours” sponsored by Kanu Hawaii.

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