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Dr. Al Yuen at InterSolar North America

July 14, 2008

Renewable Energy World - Sopogy

“Since 2002, Sopogy has been inventing, testing and validating our unique MicroCSP technologies. SopoNova 4 marks our 40th version of technology improvement. We’ve learned many valuable lessons through our six years of research and development and incorporated those lessons into our most efficient and lowest cost product yet. In SopoNova 4 we’ve incorporated form and function with a visually appealing yet robust and cost effective concentrating solar collector,” said Darren Kimura, president and CEO of Sopogy.

The Sopogy MicroCSP solar collector system is concentrating panel that was modeled after the successful installation of concentrating panels in the Mojave Desert in the mid 1980’s. The product design includes modularity, customized tracking, efficient shipping, storm protection, and automatic operation. The heat generated by the concentrator can be used to power turbines to create electricity or used directly for industrial process heating and solar cooling. The technology captures cost efficiencies by operating in lower temperatures which enable general contractor installation, low cost thermal energy storage and is facility safe.

To see Al Yuen PhD, director of corporate development for Sopogy discuss the product launch and the company’s business, play the video below.

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