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Sopogy CEO to speak at 2008 Business, Technology and Innovation Conference

April 10, 2008

Darren Kimura began his energy career in 1992 as a EPA Green Lights Surveyor and founded national energy company “Energy Industries” in 1994 where he expanded the company internationally and led the acquisition of the Quantum Companies. He has been recognized as the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000, SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Hawaii, California, Nevada, and Arizona in 2002, Green Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007 and has been recognized by the EPA as an “Energy Pioneer.”

As a recognized expert in energy efficiency and renewable energy, he has served as a speaker for the US Department of Energy, Hawaiian Electric Company, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and for numerous Country, State and County Energy Offices. He is a Co-Chairperson of the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum, serves on the Advisory committees for DBEDT’s Energy Management, Hawaiian Electric IRP’s, Member of the Governor’s Innovation Council, Director HSDC, and President of PLASMA, the nation’s largest energy association. Mr. Kimura has a BA from the University of Hawaii. He is a Certified Energy Manager, Certified Demand Side Manager, Certified Cogeneration Professional, and Certified Sustainable Development Professional.

Emerging Solor Technologies

With energy usage at record setting levels and global warming increasing, Solar Energy has emerged in innovation and investment. This session will discuss several different solar energy technologies and the future of the market.

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