About Sopogy

What we do
Sopogy Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets micro-scaled concentrating solar power technology (MicroCSP); and sells related software, and services worldwide. Our products include SopoFlare, SopoNova, SopoHelios, SopoLite, and the SopoSoft operating system. 

In our focus markets, Sopogy's MicroCSP systems have the shortest paybacks of all other commercial solar options.  This is achieved thru our patented concentrating technology using mirrors with optics, our low cost thermal storage solutions, sun tracking, and a unique systems manufacturing process and installation technique that help keep costs low. 

MicroCSP technologies are used to create Process Heat, Solar Air Conditioning or Electrical Power and can be ground or rooftop mounted opening an entirely new market for CSP systems.   For more information on the technology visit our How It Works page. 

About us
Sopogy was originally founded in 2002 by the Honolulu, Hawaii based clean-technology incubator Energy Laboratories, We are focused at developing the new sector of solar known as Micro-Scaled Concentrating Solar Power aka  "MicroCSP."  Our initial funding came from our company founder Darren T. Kimura and we have been venture capital backed in 2006 with our primary investors in Tradewind Capital, Blackriver Asset Management an independently managed subsidiary of Cargill, Inc., Enerdigm Ventures, Kolohala Ventures, SoCalGas (Sempra Energy Utility Company)  and other venture investment firms.   

High Temperature Heat (HTH)
Mega-CSP technologies including Power Tower and Fresnel operate at the Super Heated Steam levels which are complex to design, install and maintain and requires critical mass, usually over several hundred megawatts in project size.  Sopogy pioneered solar thermal energy systems around the High Temperature Heat profile which has unlocked significant project advantages.  At the HTH temperature and pressure range, parts and fittings are low cost and labor is easily found and installations are quick.  Systems operate automatically and complete solar fields do not require water.  Also, Sopogy's MicroCSP products are flexible in use and can be installed for use in Power, Air Conditioning and Process Heat applications.    

Fabless solar
Sopogy was the first in the solar industry to utilize a "fabless solar" manufacturing model.  Similar to the fabless semiconductor industry we specialize in the design and sale of solar system hardware and outsource the fabrication to our specialized manufacturers.  We typically look for manufacturers near our projects to reduce shipping and handling costs and enable local manufacturing.  This allows us to benefit from lower capital investment costs and focus on research and development so we can constantly improve our products.