Originally founded in 2002 at the Energy Laboratories an energy concept incubator of Energy Industries, Sopogy is focused at bringing a new renewable energy technology to the market. The future is clean power, green systems and LEED™ smart buildings. The Sopogy energy system is enabling the solar energy revolution and for our customers "every day is a Sopogy day™".

Our Philosophy
Sopogy is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their renewable energy goals. Using our solar energy concentrator we help maximize energy production while minimizing costs.

Our Mission
Sopogy's mission is to invent, manufacture and sell the world’s most innovative and affordable solar collectors. Our company strives to become part of the solution to global problems including climate change, energy security and sustainability.

Business goals:

  • To establish a superior solar energy brand.
  • To bring solar energy systems to the market that can competitively supply grid electricity.
  • To achieve entrepreneurial success.