reflectorSopogy has invested 4 years in developing its proprietary technology that enables its systems to be manufactured at 1/2 the cost and installed quicker than any traditional CSP system. 

This gives Sopogy systems the advantage in first cost, cost per kilowatt, system maintenance and long term operation.

The Sopogy system begins with utilizing state of the art, innovative manufacturing techniques, new age metals and the Intellectual Properties owned by Sopogy, Inc. 

The net result is an effective, efficient solar collector that is designed for tropical and coastal locations
protecting against corrosion and mother nature.

The Sopogy product line is an industry leading offering of solar solutions designed
and tested for use in the EM.

Our systems are:

  • Cost Effective: Sopogy's design and manufacturing processes reduce the first
    cost which usually makes most solar projects uneconomical.
  • Functional: All products were designed for operation in the EM. Thus all
    components of the system have been engineered the systems operating
  • Weather Tough: The SopoNova™ and SopoFlare™ have been designed to withstand
    tropical storms, hurricanes or typhoons. The panels are able to withstand up to 150 MPH